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I'll Wait Around

by Tiny Kingdoms

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released November 3, 2016

Written by: Tiny Kingdoms
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Cowritten by: John Terry.



all rights reserved


Tiny Kingdoms Chicago, Illinois

Tiny Kingdoms is a 4 piece indie-alt band from Chicago, IL. With influences from many different bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Fall of Troy, The Smashing Pumpkins, Mew, Circa Survive, and Say Anything.


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Track Name: Your Bones
Hey calm, collected, and cool

Do you fall in love by yourself, or fall asleep on the L?

I’m always tripping over you

Falling in love by myself, falling asleep on the L

Well I was crawling home on all fours

Half gone, half silver, and unstable

Worn out the spinal nerves that I had

And threw them in that hiding spot we left

Once bitten, twice shy, and three times less likely to be myself again

I’m still uncomfortable in my own skin

But now you say that you’ve been thinking of me

Chicago’s always so damn cold, and you’re always so alone

Well I’ve been waiting forever so tell me where have you been, where have you been?

Cause I was always misplaced in your favorite colors

And slept until I blended in with all the others

But I missed your bones terribly and it still kills me

I missed your bones, I missed your bones

Girl I’ve been dying to hear you sing of old love and new eyes, in soft decibels

Cramming life into dead organs and breathing in new chemicals

Say you call it like you see it, say it’s been said and done

Now you’re eyes are completely smothering me

Kill for a new impression, steadily move along

Now I feel like half the man I try to be

So stop saying you’ve been thinking of me

Because it’s ruining everything
Track Name: Goodnight
The plates below our palace began to shift

The warmth you bled had met your phantoms

And the couple could never co-exist

Decompress and wage war in the night

I just want to get close, but a sinkhole arrived

And I cannot climb out fast enough to catch you

I guess I’ll blame myself

Yeah, I’ll blame myself

Burn down the forest to again feel whole

Or let me split open your head and balance out individual chemicals

Squeeze my wrist when you are back to life

Recall the moments you missed when the heavens collide

Turn your ear to choirs over all the anguish

Corrupting playgrounds and car rides and campus

And now you’re missing out on everything

I wasn’t even home when your soul passed the stratosphere

But I swear to God if you just called it would have only taken seconds to get there

Did I even cross your mind?

I’ll blame myself

I swear all I wanted was to help

But now you’re..

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away
Track Name: Odds
Across the river of time you sat

On a pier that’s just two summers out of reach

And I dived in knowing I could never get back

You loved me while you held my head beneath

So say it again for me, just a little more slowly

We’ve been idle here for centuries

Now I’m plunging way too deep

And all my efforts feel like burdens laced in honesty

So lick your lips and sink your teeth

If you have him then how could I ever mean anything?

I’ve been waiting for you to fall jet lagged and beautiful

Western Europe collapses and I can barely hold you together

By performing dark rituals and keeping hand placements sensual

The major arcana screams I should take whatever I can get

But it’s not enough

You’re falling asleep again

And I’m gone but I can’t stop breathing you in

Damn Becka, you’re falling asleep on me
Track Name: Wait Here
I’ll wait around

I’ll wait here like I always do

How long has it been?

Conquer the south, obliterate the north

Exhale the cosmic storms that take me by force

And after all the love, you’re alone for the night

So we can kick it in my car if that’s what you’re feeling

Tell me about the stars and how they’re deceiving

In the end, it won’t go back to the way it was

But I’ll wait here until it does